Lecture Notes

20/05/2019 Transactional Memory Lecture16 [TC] Lance Hammond et al., "Transactional Memory Coherence and Consistency", International Symposium of Computer Architecture (ISCA), 2004
[NI] Poonacha Kongetira, et al., "Niagara: A 32-bit Multithreaded SPARC Processor," IEEE Micro Magazine, March/April 2005
15/05/2019 Memory Consistency Lecture15 [MC] Sarita Adve et al., "Memory Consistency: A Tutorial", Rice University Technical Report, 1995
08/05/2019 Distributed Shared Memory Architectures,
Directory-Based Memory Coherence,
06/05/2019 Shared Memory Multiprocessors - Memory Coherence Lecture13  
15/04/2019 Data Level Parallelism, CUDA and GPU architectures Lecture12  
03/04/2019 Main DRAM Memory Lecture11  
03/04/2019 Virtual Memory (Review) Lecture10  
27/03/2019 Memory Hierarchy - Caches Lecture9  
13/03/2019 Compile-time scheduling - Superblocks, Hyperblocks, Predication, Speculation
Case study: Itanium ISA
Lecture8 [SB] W.m. Hwu et al, "The Superblock: An Effective Technique for VLIW and Superscalar Compilation", The Journal of Supercomputing, 1993
[HB] CT Hwuang, et. al S. Mahlke et al, "Effective Compiler Support for Predicated Execution Using the Hyperblock," MICRO 24, December 1992
[IMP] D. August et al, "Integrated Predicated and Speculative Execution in the IMPACT EPIC architecture", ISCA, June 1998
06/03/2019 Case study: Nehalem microarchitecture Lecture7 Presentation of Intel's Nehalem microarachitecture at Intel's development forum
04/03/2019 Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) - Case study: IBM Power server architecture Lecture6 [SMT] Dean M Tulsen et al, "Simultaneous Multithreading: Maximizing On-Chip Parallelism", ISCA, 1995
[P6] H.Q. Le, et al, "IBM Power 6 Microarchitecture," IBM Journal of Research and Development, November 2007
25/02/2019 Branches Lecture5  
20/02/2019 Dynamic Scheduling and Tomasulo's algorithm Lecture4  
18/02/2019 Introduction to Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP) Lecture3  
13/02/2019 MIPS 5-stage pipeline review Lecture2 Pls. review the related material of ECE232
11/02/2019 Administrative
Introduction and Basics. Need for Parallel and Heterogeneous Computer Architectures.